Hello world!

Our home, always a work in progress, is where we celebrate, even the smallest things.  We celebrate countless anniversaries — the day we met, our marriage exactly one year later, the day Adam proposed, the day we left Los Angeles on a one-way ticket to Italy.  We even celebrate down to the days — we celebrated 2,000 days together just this Thanksgiving.

In this home, we constantly strive, and not nearly always successfully, to keep strife and anger at bay.  Our fights, because they do happen, have grown shorter in duration because we recognize that the state of disconnection is too damn painful for us to endure for any length of time.  We have learned, through the practice of marriage, that we are endlessly grateful to have been so lucky to find each other, and it’s because of that gratitude we understand that this is too precious to waste a single day, lost to resentment and anger.  Like our home, we both together and individually, are works in progress, and like our home, we appreciate the journey.

This blog will reflect the same.  It will be a place of celebration, to make sure that we stop to capture all that we are grateful for, however large or small, so that we will be able to recognize, even when we are in the weeds, that this life is worth every effort.  It will be a place for finding time for reflection, sharing stories, and generating peace and goodwill.  But, also like our home and us as people, this will be an authentic journey, not always covered in candy coated perfection.  Because it’s within those messy times that we learn, grow and vow to live life with purpose and intention.

And thus, the name of this blog:  Bites of Passage.  First, it’s a riff of our business name, Venice Bites Food Tours.  But it hopefully captures the essence of what we are trying to do:  to move through this journey called life, experiences good and bad, feelings of highs and lows, recognizing those milestones that we collectively experience as humans on this sapphire jewel of a planet, and how we celebrate these rights of passages through food, because it is so central to our joy in celebrations.

As the great philosopher David Lee Roth once said, the bad news is we are hopelessly lost; the good news is we have all day to get there!

We hope you’ll join us on the ride, and we hope to inspire you to share your own celebrations, every single day.